Passacaglia Music Request

I won’t bother you. Seriously, I won’t. By giving me your name and contact information you aren’t signing up email blasts, I won’t send you unsolicited manuscripts, and I won’t beg you to play any of my music. Really, I’m not going to bother you. And you don’t have to pay a dime for any of my unpublished music. Butit does help me greatly to know the details of any impending or possible performance of my music (it’s the only way I can make any money, which, by the way, does not come directly from your pocket to mine).

So here’s the deal: You fill out this form with as much information as you know (or can guess). If you perform the piece, just send me a copy of the concert’s program. If it gets past the concert date and I haven’t heard from you, I’ll send you one email. Just one. And it won’t be mean, or pestering, or pleading. Just a reminder. That’s it.

So that’s what you’re signing up for. Free music and the possibility of one email from me. If that sounds like a fair bargain, then go ahead and fill this out. Oh, and thanks for even considering performing my music. I work hard on this stuff and it’s rewarding/humbling when anyone considers putting in the time and effort to learn it. Ok, thanks!

Name of Performer or Ensemble*
Need Individual Parts? (if applicable; parts will be emailed as PDFs)

Performance Information
You're not committing to perform the piece. You're not even committing to have a concert. At the very least, just make a guess at the theoretical date and location of a theoretical performance that you're theoretically considering this piece for.

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